Time & Temperature Sensitive

CACC Cargolinx’s dedicated cool-chain management team operates round-the-clock to ensure exporters and importers an uninterrupted cool-chain for time and temperature-sensitive consignments. By combining our thermally mapped 9,000sqm temperature-controlled terminals and Coolinx, our custom-built CACC cool dollies, we guarantee the utmost service quality and care.

Our experts supervise the handling process from aircraft to the customer (and back) ensuring optimal storage conditions that adhere to the temperature, humidity, ventilation and sanitation requirements for each consignment. Our sole focus is on preserving the quality and integrity of our customers’ goods.

Handling and storage of pharmaceutical products takes place within our IATA CEIV Pharma certified terminals – the only such terminals located in Africa and one of only three certified terminals in the Middle East.

CACC Cargolinx Cool Dollies

Coolinx, our custom-built cool dollies, guarantee an uninterrupted cool-chain – from acceptance to take-off – ensuring ideal storage conditions for perishables and pharmaceutical time and temperature-sensitive products.

Coolinx Specifications:

  • Adjustable temperature ranges from -18°C to +25°C
  • All lower deck contours including AMF and ALF
  • Main deck pallets up to 240cm height
  • Calibrated data loggers and GPS devices
  • Up to 5-hr continuous cooling capability
  • CEIV Pharma certified cool-chain management
  • Coolinx (custom-built CACC Cargolinx cool dollies), ensuring an uninterrupted cool-chain
  • Fully temperature controlled and thermally mapped terminals and inspection areas
  • Temperature- controlled storage chambers with different temperature ranges – (+2°C to +8°C), (+15°C to +25°C) and freezers (0°C to -18°C)
  • Testo temperature loggers
  • Only electric powered forklifts operated within terminals to safeguard against emissions
  • Dedicated and qualified handling team operating 24/7
  • Priority handling and storage solutions
  • Dedicated storage areas upon request
  • Adequate number of power sockets to charge 12 ULDs at the export terminal and 41 ULDs at the import terminal
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