Safety and Security

The CACC Cargolinx facilities are equipped with comprehensive screening, surveillance and security systems. Our unwavering commitment to meet the highest global safety and security standards has allowed us to attract and retain many of the leading global carriers operating in Egypt.

Over the years, CACC Cargolinx has regularly passed audits conducted by the DFT, LBA, TSA and Transport Canada.

What makes CACC Cargolinx different?

CACC Cargolinx delivers know-how and robust expertise, where all handling procedures comply to global safety and security standards and are carried out under stringent security measures.

Export cargo is stored in a ‘Sterile Zone’ – after customs inspection – where only authorized CACC Cargolinx staff are permitted access. In case required, Customs and Police personnel can access the Sterile Zone accompanied by CACC Cargolinx security staff. CACC Cargolinx is the only terminal in Egypt operating, the ‘Sterile Zone’ concept.

Standard Security Measures

  • 5 Dual View X-ray Inspection Systems
  • Explosive Trace Detection (ETD) Machines
  • 24/7 surveillance system using HD surveillance cameras with full coverage of the cargo terminals, airside and land side operations, with zero blind zones and 120-day playback
  • Explosive Detection Dogs (EDD)
  • Trained security personnel available round-the-clock
  • Metal detection and x-ray equipped visitor and staff access control entrances
Awards & Certifications

It is our mission to consistently meet and exceed global industry standards to better serve our customers. At CACC Cargolinx, we see the awards, certifications and recognition we receive as a testament to our hard work and passion.

  • IATA Strategic Partner since 2011
  • RA3 certified since 2016 - RA3 UAI: EG/RA3/00001-01
  • ISAGO certified since 2017
  • TAPA certified since 2018
  • IATA CEIV Pharma certification since 2017
  • IATA CEIV Fresh certified since 2021
  • Envirotainer Ground Services Award Recipient in 2018
  • ISO9001:2015 certified since 2019
  • Pharma Aero member from 2019 to 2022
  • IATA CEIV Lithium Battery certified since 2023
  • Staff qualification trainings approved by the National Civil Aviation Authority of Germany-Luftfahrt-Bundesamt (LBA) and UK Department for Transport (DFT)
CEIV Lithium Battery

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CEIV Pharma Certificate

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RA3 Certification

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TAPA Facility Security Requirements (FSR) Re-certification

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Envirotainer Ground Services Award

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ISO 9001

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CEIV Fresh

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IATA Excellence in Workplace Learning

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TVP-TO-0006 Certificate CACC Cargolinx Locked

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TVP-TP-0014 Certificate CACC Cargolinx ULDR Locked

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