Considering the volatile nature of chemical substances, CACC Cargolinx has developed industry-specific solutions focusing on consistent handling and storage procedures that guarantee safety and security of the environment, aircraft, personnel and goods.

Handling and storage of chemicals and hazardous goods is conducted in accordance with IATA Dangerous Goods Regulations (DGR). Our highly qualified staff follow stringent handling procedures to guarantee product and environmental safety.

All dangerous goods shipments are handled only by authorized CAT6 certified cargo agents.

Classes of incompatible chemicals are carefully segregated during storage, according to hazard class. Furthermore, radioactive materials are separately stored in our radioactive storage room that has been designed and built according to the highest safety technical specifications.

  • Segregation of chemicals based on hazard class
  • Radioactive dedicated storage zone, purpose-built complying with highest safety technical specifications
  • IATA CAT6 certified handling agents operating 24/7
  • Licensed and regulated terminals certified by key quality including TAPA and ISAGO
  • Compliance with local and global product and regulatory requirements
  • Dedicated storage areas equipped with 24/7 surveillance
  • On-site customs clearance and support
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