Industrial & Manufacturing

To rapidly respond to the evolving industrial and manufacturing industries, CACC Cargolinx’s expertise helps streamline our customers supply chain by offering enhanced lean, agile and efficient handling procedures satisfying the complexity of consignment handling needs.

Our industrial and manufacturing solutions cover a wide scope of sub-industries, from oil & gas corporations to raw materials’ manufacturers. Operating under stringent safety and environmental regulatory frameworks, CACC Cargolinx offers industrial and manufacturing enterprises, from local businesses to global multinationals, flexible and reliable logistics solutions that ensure an efficient supply chain.

  • Chemicals handling solutions conducted in accordance to IATA Dangerous Goods Regulations (DGR)
  • Certified staff following stringent handling procedures to guarantee product and environmental safety
  • Segregation of chemicals based on hazard class
  • Radioactive dedicated storage zone, purpose-built complying with highest safety technical specifications
  • 40ft shipment handling capabilities
  • 100-ton shipment handling capabilities
  • On-site and off-airport warehouse management and storage solutions
  • On-site customs clearance and support
  • Experience with project and contract logistics for heavy-lift and oversized goods/ National mega-projects and military sponsored projects handling expertise
  • Tailor-made cost-effective handling solutions for many heavy lift consignments including: heavy machinery, turbines, pipes, solar panels telecommunication towers, medical equipment, military equipment and other items weighing more than 30 tons per piece
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