Perishables & Fresh Produce

With over 30 years of expertise in the fresh produce industry, CACC Cargolinx offers a special understanding of the care and attention required in the handling and transport of perishables. Offering the only uninterrupted cool-chain in Egypt, our standard logistics solutions are designed to preserve our customers' goods with the ultimate goal of maximizing their products’ shelf-life.

Handling and storage of time-sensitive and temperature-sensitive products take place within our IATA CEIV Fresh certified terminals. Our cool chain dedicated team operates round-the-clock, facilitating an efficient supply chain for our partners.

The perishables handling process takes place within 10,000sqm fully temperature-controlled terminals entirely thermally mapped and equipped with temperature loggers, monitoring temperature deviations to ensure an extended product shelf life.

To ensure the safety of such shipments only electric powered forklifts are operated within the terminals as to safeguard against any harm emissions.

Perishable products include: flowers, fresh produce, agribusiness products, edibles, agri edibles, fresh fish and meat.

  • Entirely temperature-controlled and thermally mapped terminals and inspection areas equipped with Testo temperature loggers
  • Temperature- controlled storage chambers with different temperature ranges: (+2°C to +8°C), (+15°C to +25°C) and freezers (0°C to -18°C)
  • Licensed and regulated terminals certified by key quality and special cargo handling certification certifications including IATA CEIV Fresh, TAPA and ISAGO
  • Dedicated and certified experts (CEIV Fresh qualified)
  • Coolinx, a custom-built CACC Cargolinx cool dolly, ensuring an uninterrupted cool chain from ramp to cool area and vice versa
  • 10,000sqm fully temperature-controlled terminals covering both import and export
  • On-site customs clearance and support
  • Compliance with local and global product and regulatory requirements
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